March Craft Group 2

The second project we did was a moss letter. I had an extra letter I had gotten from my wedding, and I didn’t like the design on it, so I used that. The other letters, I got at Porter’s, our local craft shop, for $3. The moss I found at Walmart for $4, it was much cheaper than anywhere else I could find. I got very fluffy moss, but if I did it again, I would definitely try the sheet moss. It seems like it would be much easier that way.


  • Wood Letter
  • Loose Moss
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors

But, this a very easy project. All you need is a letter, some hot glue, and moss. I didn’t have any scientific way to glue the moss on. I did a first layer, and then filled it in wherever I felt it needed. Because I got the extra fluffy moss, I had to trim the edges down so you could see the letter.

March Craft Group

Saturday, we had our second craft group! I am loving it! This month, I focused on St. Patrick’s Day crafts. I had a really hard time finding cute things to make though. I feel like a lot of the options for St. Patrick’s Day are very cheesy, with a lot of fake gold coins, and rainbows. So, I spent a lot of time searching for more modern crafts. And I finally found 2 that I really liked. One was a small wooden circle that we painted lucky on, and the other was a moss covered letter. I feel like moss is starting to become a very popular thing, so I wanted to try it out.


  • 1 Wooden round (mine was 7″)
  • white paint
  • green paint
  • gold paint
  • painters tape
  • paint brushes

For the Lucky Sign, I had a very hard time finding anyone in town that sold wooden rounds. The ones I found are only 7 inches wide, and I was really hoping for bigger, but they worked. First we painted the whole round white. Once that dried, we used painters tape to make the lines for the green. I just used the width of the tape to line up the lines. One of the other crafters cut the tape in half, so she could have varying lines. I loved the way hers turned out! I learned during some of my research that you should pull painters tape off while the paint is still wet. So, once we got 2 coats of the green on, we pulled the tape.



Next, for the gold lucky, we hand painted it. I do not have a Cricket or Silhouette yet, so I hand paint everything. One day soon I hope to not have to do that anymore, because I really am not that great at hand painting. But, my mom taught me a great way to get some help with hand painting. First, I print out exactly what I want to paint, in the same dimensions. Then, I color the pack of the paper with pencil. You have to make sure that all of the letters have pencil behind it. Then, you line up the design how you want it on your board. Then, trace each letter with a pen. By doing this, you rub the pencil parks onto that board behind you. This gives you a great outline to paint.

We had to do a couple layers of the gold paint for it to stand out on the green, but I think it turned out great!


Valentine’s Craft Group

This year, I decided that I wanted to have a craft group. I invite a bunch of my friends, once a month, to my house, to get instruction and guidance on a craft or 2. This month, we made Valentine decor. I got this amazing wreath tutorial from here, and the wooden arrow tutorial from here.

With the wreath, I didn’t have access to the straw wreath that she did, so we just used styrofoam. We cut our fabric into 2 inch strips, and then used sewing pins to hold it in place. It worked like a charm!  We also made a cute little Love banner to go across. We found some small, and light, wooden letters at the craft store, and painted them to match.